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China Mp3 Player Guide For Wholesale Buyers

China’s economy used to be closed and inflexible: you can hardly compare the China of today to China twenty years ago. Nowadays China is a powerhouse of manufacturing and global trade, and increasingly, high tech products such as MP3 players are being produced in China and imported by distributors and small vendors worldwide. With quality of electronics products much more stable than it... ❯❯❯

Importing From China: What Your Options Are

Additional incentives offered by local and provincial governments significantly increase the foreign investors incentive package. They tend to become more generous as one moves westward from the coastal provinces to the heavily populated interior, this allowing the foreign investor to cash in on Chinas fierce domestic competition for foreign investment. There are national regulations, however,... ❯❯❯

European Style, Chinese Muscle

The Great Wall of China is not working. Built in 200 BC to protect the land from Mongols hoards, the Great Wall is a symbol of the vast breadth and scope of the economic development of the Chinese nation. International corporations have taken the place of invading Mongols, as they have occupied the Chinese worker in factories across the country. With the approval of the Chinese government,... ❯❯❯

E-Government in China

Without question, the world is a big place. However, with the constant development of information technology, the world seems to get smaller all the time. One example is the work of China Expert Technology Inc. (OTC BB:CXTI.OB), a company that builds network infrastructure and provides e-government services for community and municipal governments in China and Hong Kong. Analysts predict that... ❯❯❯